Button with Fixed Position

Scroll down and watch the button

This page is intentionally long in order to allow you to scroll down the page and see the way that the button does not move. To accomplish this, we set a variable with a value such as topLeft, bottomCenter, etc:

var xdotaiButtonPosition = 'bottomRight';

Lots of content ensures that there is lots of scrolling

Why not use this photo of a kitten falling asleep at the keyboard?

You know what’s really long? Lists! Here’s a list of the letters of the alphabet:

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
  5. E
  6. F
  7. G
  8. H
  9. I
  10. J
  11. K
  12. L
  13. M
  14. N
  15. O
  16. P
  17. Q
  18. R
  19. S
  20. T
  21. U
  22. V
  23. W
  24. X
  25. Y
  26. Z

If you still did not have to scroll then your monitor is clearly enormous. Resize your browser!